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In Praise of Direct Mail

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Direct Mail Word CloudDirect Mail has never been a more important tool in your marketing mix. In these days of overflowing inboxes and spam filters, personalized direct mail is an effective method to help you meet your sales goals, drive traffic to your storefront or website while gaining valuable customer insights because direct mail is 100% measurable.

According to the Direct Marketing Ass. 2016 statistics, “Where online is generally low-cost, low impact, print is higher-cost, higher impact. Where online marketing is passive, direct mail is active.” (

Highly successful direct mail campaigns follow a simple formula:

40% Targeted List + 40% Offer with Call-to-Action + 20% Creative=Success

To do it right, invest in an accurate list. Start with your end goal in mind and develop a compelling offer, something that gets your reader’s attention.   Invest in a good graphic designer to make that offer come alive visually. Talk to your printer, they will have lots of suggestions.

If you need help developing your list, integrating your direct mail with your digital marketing strategy or copywriting, I can help.

Direct Marketing Association website –




Written by Beth Ryan

August 15, 2016 at 3:33 pm