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In Praise of Direct Mail

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Direct Mail Word CloudDirect Mail has never been a more important tool in your marketing mix. In these days of overflowing inboxes and spam filters, personalized direct mail is an effective method to help you meet your sales goals, drive traffic to your storefront or website while gaining valuable customer insights because direct mail is 100% measurable.

According to the Direct Marketing Ass. 2016 statistics, “Where online is generally low-cost, low impact, print is higher-cost, higher impact. Where online marketing is passive, direct mail is active.” (

Highly successful direct mail campaigns follow a simple formula:

40% Targeted List + 40% Offer with Call-to-Action + 20% Creative=Success

To do it right, invest in an accurate list. Start with your end goal in mind and develop a compelling offer, something that gets your reader’s attention.   Invest in a good graphic designer to make that offer come alive visually. Talk to your printer, they will have lots of suggestions.

If you need help developing your list, integrating your direct mail with your digital marketing strategy or copywriting, I can help.

Direct Marketing Association website –




Written by Beth Ryan

August 15, 2016 at 3:33 pm

Where is Your Sunshine?  Understanding Public Relations & Brand Journalism

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Beth Ryan IMCPublic relations is defined as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships. My specialty, integrated marketing communications (IMC) recognizes that in our advertising saturated world, public relations is equally, if not more important as companies can now self-publish in both print and online.  Typical PR tools include news releases, special events, newsletters, public service announcements (PSA’s), editorials, special websites and social media, however, most PR campaigns begin with a news release.

The humble news release, well written with a compelling headline is a business owner’s most effective tool that requires little to no investment other than time and imagination.  To build a meaningful relationship with your audience and the media, you need to think and write like a journalist – this is called “brand journalism.”  In brand journalism, instead of saying, “buy my stuff,” you are telling your brand story by sharing news and information relevant to your business and the industry that you serve.  These stories position you and your company as a thought leader and influencer in your community.

A great press release can be repurposed as a blog, expanded into a white paper, posted to your website, linked to social media, or wherever your customers go for news and information.  If you boost your editorial with an ad, you will get amazing results.  Marketing guru Al Reis famously said, “PR is the sun and advertising is the wind.”*  Find your sunshine today and make it more effective with a burst of wind.

Are you new to public relations practice for internal and external communications?  I can help.  Contact me for your free consultation.

*Reis, Al and Laura (2002) The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR; Harper Business

Digital Strategy 101 by Bud Caddell

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This says it all.  Loved the Brief and Tools at the end.  Brilliant!


In Contempt of Clutter

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Clutter is everywhere on the cyber landscape.  Everyone thinks they need a Facebook page, but they don’t know why, they have no plan for the daily attention it requires or measurement metrics in place.

In Gerry McGovern’s email this week, he muses about how marketing and communications people, educated to create content, end up creating a muddled mass of clutter for users to navigate.

Really, how much content is useful?  The most common question that people ask me is how to create content, how to expand into social media and how to budget for non-traditional marketing.  What they really want are tactics without a strategy because it looks good and after all, it’s free, isn’t it?

My answer is to ask more questions:

  • Who are your customers?
  • Who are your prospects?
  • Do you have profiles for them?
  • How big is your market?
  • Where are they located?
  • How old are they?
  • Male, female or both?
  • What are their values, attitudes and lifestyles?
  • Do you have a segmented database for customers, prospects, suspects?
  • What does success look like?
  • Do you use analytics?
  • Do you have your eye on operating systems, mobile and click maps?
  • What has worked well in the past?  More important, what has failed?
  • What are your customers and fans telling you about your inbound marketing compared with your competitors?
  • Have you analyzed your competitor’s inbound marketing?
  • What resources can you commit in terms of staff and budget?

You really have to know all of this before you can begin to create any type of  effective inbound marketing strategy.  If strict maintenance is included in the tactical management portion of the plan, clutter will be kept under control.  It takes research and thought but people really respond to a clean design that is easy to navigate where transactions can take place quickly.   They really hate it when you don’t, and that tarnishes your brand.

All it takes is a strategic integrated marketing plan.

Read Gerry’s post, he is a usability expert:




Google’s Rich Snippets

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Hubspot had a great blog post shared today on LinkedIn that was a primer on creating rich snippets.  I personally love how they render with such clarity due to their relative size and use of white space.

Check it out, a must read for anyone with an interest in SEO.  The article is entitled “How to Breathe New Life into Your Google Search Results with Rich Snippets”: 

Totally cool.  TGIF!


Hubspot, Inbound Marketing Software,

About Rich Snippets:

Google Rich Snippet Tool:


Was 2012 the greatest year in human history? | Gerry McGovern

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Gerry McGovern is my hero in thought leadership on all things web related.  Read on for big things that went right this year that really matter.

Merry Christmas!

Was 2012 the greatest year in human history? | Gerry McGovern.

Written by Beth Ryan

December 25, 2012 at 12:52 pm

Whiteboard Friday from SEOMoz

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Working with these guys would be a dream job for me, much like Mashable or Google….While this idea seems counterintuitive, I feel it makes the best use of the medium rather than clogging your website with endless, unread content. I love Whiteboard Fridays, keep ’em coming!

Click on the link, the video is around 6 minutes or you can read the script and cut to the chase: