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Google’s Rich Snippets

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Hubspot had a great blog post shared today on LinkedIn that was a primer on creating rich snippets.  I personally love how they render with such clarity due to their relative size and use of white space.

Check it out, a must read for anyone with an interest in SEO.  The article is entitled “How to Breathe New Life into Your Google Search Results with Rich Snippets”: 

Totally cool.  TGIF!


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About Rich Snippets:

Google Rich Snippet Tool:



Content Marketing for Small Business – It Can Be Done

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A small business owner asked me recently how he can create a digital strategy, pick platforms and develop content.  Value, on any digital platform is built on content and even a small business with no budget or staff can build an affordable digital marketing plan.  The place to start is at the beginning, by understanding customer’s needs.

To build brand, the company must communicate those things that are remarkable about their company.  This, however, is a double-edged sword for most B-toB companies with complex products or services.

Provide too much information and risk losing competitive advantage because any content online is being analyzed by global competitors.  Provide too little information,  and risk losing that stealth customer who is looking at the website right now and not getting the answers they are looking for.

Think about each step of the buying process.  When making sales calls, what questions do customers ask?  What magazines are on their desk?  Are they using a Smartphone?  Write all of this down.

Talk to good customers.  Ask them what kind of information they want on the website; what will make their lives easier?  Can their Administrative Assistant access your website in less than a minute?  If they cannot, write it down, it’s an obstacle to sales.

Get Google Analytics and see what people are clicking on, it is the best way to know what’s working and what’s not.  How long does it take the pages to load?  Any broken links?  No links?  Anyone visiting the site on mobile?  Google will reveal if it is a Smartphone or tablet, model and operating system.  The Google Analytics package is free, but the information that you get is priceless.  It’s always a surprise.

The end result of this research is a list of content that needs to be added, improved and if it’s not performing, deleted.

Once the research is complete to find out what your Buyer needs are and where they hang out online, it’s time to create a prioritized content list and begin evaluating social media platforms.  This planning process will enable you to create a budget and timeline.  It can be done.