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The last word from AMA – gamification

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In his presentation entitled, “The Value Gap,” Jeffrey Selingo, Editor at  Large for The Chronicle of Higher Education, threw out some intriguing stats on the undergrad audience.  He claims they spend per year…

  • 10,000 hours playing video games (!)
  • 200,000 hours sending text & email messages (!)
  • 5,000 hours reading (!)

In the November 2012 edition of Communication World online, IABC described a wide variety of communication strategies/tactics to include gaming for marketing, training and internal communications.  My first impulse was, “yea, right, like I’ve got time for that,” but after considering this data, it’s time to get it on the radar.


Communication World is a member-only benefit of the International Association of Business Communicators,, but I can pass along specific articles on request.



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