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Experiential Marketing in a Landmark Destination

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New Orleans is the home of the new World War II museum, and at the urging of Lt. Col. Nadig, my co-worker at Gannon, I made the destination my first stop.

Experiential marketing is nothing new, mastered by companies like Giant Eagle, and while I have had the pleasure of more than one IMAX theater experience, the WW II museum takes the experience one step further.  There is a Tom Hanks movie that takes the viewer to WWII in a theater smaller than an IMAX, but uses physical movement, sound light and stage management in such a fashion (I can’t give you the details, you have to experience it yourself) that it places the viewer right in the moment.  I felt like I was part of D-Day, the shock, the horror, the valor.

Truth be told, my Dad was a B-17 pilot, so the movie alone would have been emotional (looking for his face), but the total emotional experience was evident in the faces of everyone in the crowd as we left the theater.  Everyone was speechless.

That is what experiential marketing does best, linking content with context.

WW II Museum 


Written by Beth Ryan

November 12, 2012 at 1:18 pm

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