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Comprise, Strategy and Getting It Right

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Lee Hamilton, director of the Center on Congress at Indiana University and former U. S. Representative wrote[1]:

“Compromise is not easy, especially in today’s contentious atmosphere….Compromise…requires values that are hard to find these days:  respect for one’s idealogical opponents, a willingness to listen hard and to understand what they have to say, and recognition that no one has a monopoly on what is right.”

 To my way of thinking, this is the essence of human communication and often the missing element, not only in politics, but in the communication arts as well.  I have looked at a great deal of advertising in recent months where Hamilton’s three key points are conspicuously missing:

  • Respect for one’s idealogical opponents – or-competing departments defending their turf
  • Listening hard for what others have to say
  • Recognition that no one has a monopoly on what is right

In communications, we are overwhelmed with technology, channels, strategies and competing interests for time, political positioning and budgets.  Communications cannot be integrated without compromise.  Effective IMC cannot take place without respect for the organization and the firm resolution to continuously seek to develop the best possible outcomes for the organization as a whole, or it is not integrated.

Getting it right to me is including all competing interests into a communications plan that promotes the organization as a cohesive whole.  This requires both creative thinking and compromise, particularly in a highly fragmented media environment. 

What does getting it right mean to you?



[1][1][1] Hamilton, Lee (22 May 2011) “Embrace comprise, don’t insult it.”  The Meadville Tribune:  Meadville, PA.  A4.