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I spent my teen years working for my father, an entrepreneur who owned the Commercial Business Agency (get the joke?) whose product mix included  telephone answering service, collection agency, Western Union, printing/direct mail business, temporary office personnel and any other business he could think of where we could make a few extra bucks.  One day, before I could buy my first legal drink, he told me to go over to the local industrial furnace manufacturer to work as a fill-in for a two week vacation.  A month later they called me back with a job offer.

Fast forward to 30 years later, as I prepare to leave the same company,  I can’t help but think about what smart and interesting people engineers are to work with.  Mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers, male and female, some practical and methodical, others visionary and creative, but without them, manufacturing as we know it, could not exist.  The visionaries typically are in sales or work in R & D, and the pragmatists do all of the heavy lifting, getting things built and making them work.  

I have been frustrated and vexed working with engineers both on the operations side (purchasing, expediting, estimating) and on the sales/marketing side of the business, typically with communications and decision-making, but as I sit and reflect on it all, I am very grateful for the experience of working with engineers from all over the world who have enriched my professional life and taught me that everything I touch and use can be traced to its true origin in the mind of an engineer.  

Want to know “how it works?”  Ask an engineer.  I’ve been doing that for 30 years now and never cease to marvel at their response.


Written by Beth Ryan

March 24, 2011 at 9:18 pm

Posted in Corporate Communications

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