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Outputs and Outcomes

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In the past two years, our IABC Heritage Region conference speakers have emphasized that while we tend to measure output in organizational communications – brochure complete, landing page updated, etc., what we should be measuring is outcomes. 

 Has the brochure enabled sales to communicate our brand proposition more effectively, therefore winning more sales?

Did the landing page achieve targeted conversions?

 It challenges us as professionals to examine our work in a new light, one that is much more difficult to measure.

In the sphere of internal communications, I picked up a tip this past fall that has really helped my outputs (e-mail to managers), create more positive outcomes (sales/marketing alignment).  

 After I write an email, I go back and take at least half of the words out. 

You see, I love words and most of my comments are predicated on my experience, analysis and education, so I love to elaborate and give vast amounts of information in great detail.

Guess what?  My emails were so exhausting for my colleagues to sort through, they simply ignored me.

 If I put on my Twitter hat and take out everything and anything that is not on point, I get far better outcomes.


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