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Re-Branding and Saving Children’s Lives

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I began sponsoring children through Christian Children’s Fund, around 18 years ago.  In the past two years the organization executed a re-branding campaign and changed their name to Child Fund International.    I believe the name change was a reflection of the evolving nature of the organization’s mission and relationship with other global child rescue organizations, but I’m not sure.

In fact as a marketing person, I was getting a bit peeved at the amount of spending the organization was doing in direct mail, advertising and “push” strategies.  The new organizations was driving lots of big billings for their favorite ad agency, but were they still an A rated charity?  Were they no longer about providing food, clothing and education to the world’s poorest children?

Had it not been for Scovia Amingo, a child from Uganda who lost her parents to HIV/ AIDS that I have sponsored since she was two, truth be told, I would have bolted.  Having sponsored one boy to adulthood, I could never bring myself to abandon her.

I was carefully reading Child Fund’s annual report when the following statement struck me:

“When we asked children how they experience poverty, our long-held, widely accepted perception of poverty – as material deprivation – expanded to include two additional strands:  exclusion from opportunity and vulnerability to circumstance.”

This perspective caused Child Fund to add economic independence to their programming for physical, cognitive and social development programs.  In other words, children leave the program with an elementary and vocational education, but they also needed to learn how to promote their business and provide good customer service.

I was wrong .  CCF evolved to provide more relevant service to their audience and it was time to re-brand.  Re-branding costs money, but in this case, it is money well spent and will provide economic benefits to African children for a lifetime.  When the the scope of the brand changes, it is an ideal time to re-brand and update all stakeholders.

Child Find International continues to be an A rated charity and more – do you help a child in dire need?  It’s the best holiday gift you will ever give.


Child Fund International:

Child Fund Intl. Annual Report:


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  1. Thanks for exploring some of the many reasons behind ChildFund’s rebranding. As a founder, and now a member, of the 12-country ChildFund Alliance, we were also seeking to solidify our brand internationally. Last fall, the Alliance released a survey of children in more than 30 countries. Called “Small Voices, Big Dreams,” the aim of the survey was to allow children’s voices to be heard loud and clear. Their perspectives will inform our programs as we provide services to ensure healthy and secure infants, educated and confident children and skilled and involved youth who become change leaders in their communities. –Virginia Sowers, Community Manager, ChildFund

    ChildFund International

    January 4, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    • Thank you Virginia. Won’t it be great if people like Bill Gates are successful in giving this new generation access to information technology? Thank you and Child Fund for your service in helping these kids to not only dream great dreams, but to find ways to make them happen.

      Beth Ryan

      January 5, 2011 at 3:24 pm

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