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We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

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I am editing, updating and re-formatting a corporate publication, first printed in 1938, to create an eBook after surveying both customers and employees to find out what content had become obsolete, and what information was still useful in the everyday business of metal heat treating.  

This project has allowed me to indulge my great interest in the history of heat treating as it advanced from the purview of the blacksmith to the technically complex processes we market for the advanced materials in use today. 

This week I am amazed to discover how little of the material in the last edition was truly obsolete, and how much material, exhaustively researched and tested by metallurgists from the late 1800’s through World War II is still  relevant to best practices today.

We may not always remember the giants of the industry, like the employees of great companies like Bethlehem Steel or Carpenter Services, or even the pioneer metallurgists like Albert Sauveur and Stanley Rockwell, but in every area of our lives, their inventions and innovations form the foundations for our modern manufacturing processes,  and ultimately our world.  

The internet allows us to spread ideas and information in ways that Sauveur and Rockwell could not have imagined, but I suspect that global access to their ideas will have a major impact on our lives for many generations to come.   Is it even possible to count the number of lives they have impacted, or related industry innovations they have inspired?

The Heat Treating Data Book – 10Th Edition eBook is scheduled to be released in 2011:


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