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Finding Inspiration #7 – Creating a Sales Strategy? Read Sun Tzu

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Many of my WVU classmates used to quote “The Art of War” during our discussion posts, so I added it to my post graduate reading list.  It’s not a book that you read cover to cover, but rather you read a section and reflect on what it means.  One of my favorite passages is from the chapter entitled Planning  A Siege:

“So, there are five ways of know who will win.  Those who know when to fight and when not to fight are victorious.  Those who discern when to use many or few troops are victorious.  Those whose upper and lower ranks have the same desire are victorious.  Those who face the unprepared with preparation are victorious.  Those whose generals are able and are not constrained by their governments are victorious.  These five are the ways to know who will win.”*

Each of the five points has an application in sales, and if you look around, you can really see how these basic principles can be incredibly useful in developing sales strategy.  Great communications plans, in my experience, have to be based on sound selling strategies.

*Cleary, Thomas Translation (1988) The Art of War; Sun Tzu.  Boston & London:  Shambhala. p.80-81.


The Sun Tzu page at Amazon:

Finding Inspiration Instead of It Finding you, by Seth Godwin:


Written by Beth Ryan

September 30, 2010 at 8:33 pm

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