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Finding Inspiration #6, Sales Enablement

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I learned a new expression this week, “Sales Enablement.”

The Content Marketing Institute, quoting from the American Marketing Association, offered up these two humbling statistics about sales people –

• Salespeople spend 30 hours a month searching for and creating their own selling materials

 • 90% of marketing deliverables are not used by sales

I know I tend to focus on customer surveys and market research data when designing communications, but this post reminded me that I really need to spend more time with sales people, not only creating the content they need, but geting  it organized in a manner that allows them to quickly retrieve the information.

CMI posted this link  to Jeff Ernst’s new eBook, “The New Rules of Sales Enablement; How to Stop Sabotaging Your Sales Teams and Start Empowering Them for Success.”   It’s a good book, with many good ideas worth considering.


 The Audience Content Marketers Ignore:

“The New Rules of Sales Enablement:

Finding Inspiration Instead of It Finding you, by Seth Godwin:


Written by Beth Ryan

September 22, 2010 at 8:51 pm

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