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Finding Inspiration, idea #2: Debrief after the Trade Show

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I’m still thinking about Seth Godin’s challenge to find inspiration by regularly posting an actionable idea for your favorite company, so this week I’m recognizing that a very constructive strategy for better trade show evaluation is to have a debriefing meeting as soon as everyone returns from the show.  (Yes, donuts will be served)

This tactic works well for evaluating our seminars, but typically, after a trade show, the staff are busy following up on inquiries, and I make the final evaluation based strictly on the numbers.  We just don’t take the 20  minutes for a group think, missing out on the good ideas we could be generating.

Understanding how the booth facilitated conversations, what promotions and materials worked best for the sales staff will not only enable me to design a more productive booth in the future, it will give the sales staff an opportunity to compare notes and brainstorm ideas while the event is still fresh in their minds. 

De-brief, it’s on my checklist.

 Interested in Seth’s Challenge?


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