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Video Blogs Provide Content & Context

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Two of the more interesting trends in B-to-C product launches are the use of the internet  as the launch channel, and the addition of video blogs to traditional advertising  to provide the content & context  to allow the audience to have a bird’s eye view of the human design teams and understand why they created or improved that particular product.

Two really impressive campaigns this year are the iPad product launch, and the Ford Explorer Reveal brand revitalization campaign on Facebook.   Instead of the classic sales pitch, these high quality videos provide content and context by showing the designers pointing out new or improved features in response to that question we all have: “what were they thinking?”

Each introduction featured a video blog from the product designers crafted to provide the viewer with a sense of the designer’s personality and what goals they had in mind when designing the specific product.

Mashable business reports that “for the first time ever, Ford is bucking with tradition and turning to the web — with Facebook( ) as the platform — to exhibit its latest vehicle.”

Apple has always led an introduction with public relations reinforced with advertising. It is curious to me that a leading technology company doesn’t utilize social media, there are no sharing tools on their website.

What’s up with that?

Nonetheless, their use of white space and clean design is always first-class, and clearly we have no problem associating the design with the brand. I believe that with both B-to-B and B-to-C, providing both substantive content and context should be one of the top goals in every creative brief.


Mashable Business:

Ford Explorer Reveal:

Apple iPad video:


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