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The Smashing Book

The Smashing Book may be purchased at the Smashing Magazine store or on Amazon

I don’t like to think of myself as a web designer because it’s just one of my many duties, and my real strength is in strategy and content management.  Yet, so it is that web design duties fall to me along with all other duties as assigned,  so I rely on outside sources for inspiration and guidance.

I purchased Smashing Magazine’s first print publication, thinking it would be like any business book.  I’d breeze through it, take away some good ideas and move on.  Not!  The way I’m reading this book is open on my desk with Dreamweaver up, testing and tweaking and getting some real work done.  I test, measure and return to the book to try continue to improve my work.  I use this as a reference book as well as a guide.

Whether you are a full-time pro, or a part-time neophyte like me, The Smashing Book is a must for your bookshelf.  Published in Germany, The Smashing Book is the end product of the global web design community that produces Smashing Magazine.  For those of us who are not gifted with graphic art talent, it provides all the building blocks to improve the usability and utility of a website using tested principles of great design.


Smashing website:

The Smashing Book:


Written by Beth Ryan

July 20, 2010 at 8:46 pm

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