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About Artists and Gifts – Are You Indispensable?

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When I first started reading Linchpin, I wondered if Seth Godin was working secretly in my company, because I recently had a very similar conversation with my boss, who absolutely is looking  for linchpin performance.  I think Seth is spot-on when he says:

Our society is struggling because during times of change, the very last people you need on your team are well-paid bureaucrats, note takers, literalists, manual readers, TGIF laborers, map followers, and fearful employees…

What we want, what we need, what we must have are indispensable human beings.  We need original thinkers, provocateurs, and people who care.  We need marketers who can lead, salespeople able to risk making a human connection, passionate change makers willing to be shunned if it is necessary for them to make a point.  Every organization needs a linchpin, the one person who can bring it together and make a difference.  Some organizations haven’t realized this yet, or haven’t articulated it, but we need artists.

Artists are people with a genius for finding a new answer, a new connection or a new way of getting things done.

That would be you.      Seth Godin (2010) Linchpin, Are You Indispensable?, p. 7-8

My boss went on to say that people have to understand that our work lives will never return to what they were, even two years ago; we have to shift out of the old factory mentality and into linchpin mode in order remain relevant.

You really have to read this book, Seth has a very engaging, easy-to-read writing style as he takes us on an interesting journey on how the old factory mentality was formed, how it is changing, and what lies ahead.

Buy the book to find out exactly what the definition of a linchpin is and why we need to return to being a culture that gives gifts – I’m not telling – but on the Presentation Zen news feed today, I found this incredible example of an amazing linchpin, artist and gift, Roz Savage:

Links for this post:

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Roz Savage:  Why I’m rowing across the Pacific on TED:


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