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One more thing to know about Constant Contact…

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They know how get it right.  

Following  my post last week, Mr. Larry Streeter, VicePresident Customer Support phoned me and apologized — but what was more important to me was that after reviewing my call records, he used my feedback to make adjustments to their customer service process.  Constant Contact immediately provided a refund for services not used, no problem. 

This really made my day; I treat my company’s money like it’s my own, and even though it wasn’t much money in the greater scheme of things, it is very important to me to manage the money I’m entrusted with correctly. 

Constant Contact provides email marketing software that makes it easy for anyone to create professional HTML email campaigns with no technical skills.  This is a huge asset, particularly for smaller businesses and non-profits to have access to high quality design and ethical list management services that fully meet Can-Spam requirements at an affordable cost. 

The reason that I switched had more to do with the fact that we were ready to move up to a more technical solution, and in no way had anything to do with Constant Contact’s performance or price.

Read Larry’s comments:

 Link to Constant Contact website:


Written by Beth Ryan

January 26, 2010 at 8:59 pm

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