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Two Things Everyone Should Know Before Using Constant Contact

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I started using Constant Contact in 2007 as a small business e-newsletter service provider, because, at the time they were the best value for the price.  In 2009, I decided to switch because at the time, they charged for archive, had no mobile formatting, no social media tools and no A/B testing tools.  That’s where my story begins.

 Cancellation Policy

 Unlike Google Ad Words or other typical internet business models, there is no clearly identifiable cancellation or put-account-on-hold process.  I was informed by customer service that the cancellation process was included to the terms and conditions I agreed to in 2007 – wherever they are; evidently I was supposed to remember.  I took for granted this information would be on the account dashboard; if it was, I couldn’t find it. 


 I stopped using Constant Contact and exported my list to Mail Chimp, my new provider.  All of the segmentation was gone, a common problem.   

Constant Contact Customer Service told me today that the problem is entirely my fault because I didn’t read the Terms & Conditions when I signed up and had I done so, I wouldn’t need any links on the Account page.  If fact, there is no means to cancel the account. 

Don’t you just love it when customer service people tell you the reason you’re having problems is because you’re stupid?   Glad I switched to Mail Chimp 🙂


Written by Beth Ryan

January 21, 2010 at 3:39 pm

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  1. I spoke with Ms. Ryan today and offered my personal apology for how her issue was handled by Constant Contact Support. She is(was) a valued customer and her request for a one month refund should have been handled cheerfully and promptly.

    I let Ms. Ryan know that the value of her feedback is immeasureable. As nice as it is to hear our customers praise the efforts of our award-winning Customer Support organization, her feedback is the most valuable to us. As great as we are, sometimes things go horribly wrong. And when that happens, we own up to our mistakes and work hard to make things right in the future.

    Ms. Ryan will be receiving a credit for all fees paid back to July 2009 and I’ve instructed our Billing Manager to personally reach out to her to promptly process this refund. We’ve discussed this escalation as a management team and have already begun working to provide more thorough coaching in handling future situations like Ms. Ryans with all of our Support reps.

    Thank you, Ms. Ryan, for the valuable lesson you have taught all of us here at Constant Contact.


    Larry Streeter
    Vice President Customer Support
    Constant Contact

    Larry Streeter

    January 25, 2010 at 10:15 pm

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