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Every Employee is a Brand Ambassador

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A sponsor of this year’s Heritage Region Conference is Dulye & Co., an employee communications consulting firm. Learning about Linda’s Spectator Free Workplace™ concept was a good reminder of why employees are a key component of any Integrated Marketing Communications program – every employee is a brand ambassador.

One strategic tool in employee engagement is the ubiquitous Town Hall Meeting where the President and/or CEO of a company meets with all of the employees typically for a state-of-the-company presentation. Frequently, these meeting fail to achieve the goal of increasing employee engagement because the communication is one-way, with the leader pontificating, and employees listening in silence.

In her November 2009 newsletter, Linda Dulye invites communicators to attend her webinar, “How to Improve the Productivity of Your Company’s Town Hall Meetings”

Based on Linda’s conference presentation, I’d say this is a “can’t miss” opportunity to find out about strategies to promote 2-way communications at your next Town Hall Meeting. In fact,  Linda has blogged some ideas based on President Obama’s Virtual Town Hall Meeting concept:

Employees are our most important stakeholders, treat them with dignity and respect and they will enhance your brand as your front-line customer service representatives.

Dulye & Co.,