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Tactical Transparency

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Conference Day 3 —  It just keeps getting better

Tactical Transparency:  We opened the day with author Shel Holtz who shared his research and conclusions from his new book (currently on my Amazon Wish List), “Tactical Transparency.”  Transparency is the new reality in the web 2.0 world, yet business has delayed changing their strategies to take advantage of the benefits of transparency, because the concept is frequently misunderstood.  

Transparency is a requirement, because there are no secrets anymore.  Today, employees are the front line of PR.  Transparency is not full disclosure, there are many topics that should never be discussed in public, however, there are more issues that need to be addressed in open and honest conversations.

 Here are three among many great examples of tactical transparency:

Get the book:

Writing for the Web:  I have been writing for the web since 1995, but I picked up a lot of tips for better copy and layout in Samantha Enslen’s Writing for the Web: Secrets, Shortcuts and Strategies.  Keyword:  Streamline

Preparing Messages for Information Overload Environments was presented by Julie Freeman, IABC President.  This presentation was a report on an IABC Foundation Research Study.  Information overload is defined as “A state where more information actually reduces your reasoning and decision-making.”  How well I know that!  The research provides 6 principles communicators can use to improve messaging effectiveness.

Link to study (free for IABC members, $99 value):

Staying The Course While Running on Empty:  Mark M. Crowley, Director for Internal Communications at Sherwin Williams wrapped up the conference with his communications strategy for Sherwin-Williams, a company deeply affected by the slowdown in the automotive market.  He shared how he gets things done despite budget cuts and logistical nightmares communicating Sherwin-Williams global employees in multiple plants – we all left the lunch with new ideas on how to reach out more effectively to our employee audience.

After Mark, it was back to PA.  It is always such a great feeling to get to listen to and network with the best professionals in the industry.  My thanks to the Heritage Region and Cleveland Chapter  for the privilege of attending the Heritage Region Conference through their Member-At-Large Scholarship fund.  

I’m looking forward to our 2010 event in Philadelphia, PA!

IABC Heritage Region:


Written by Beth Ryan

October 21, 2009 at 5:48 pm

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