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Taming Wild Ideas

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I attended a Fleishman Hilliard workshop on Innovation as part of our IABC heritage Region leadership forum where presenter Kathie Thomas showed this quotation on brainstorming from ad man Alex Osborne:

“It is easier to tame down a wild idea…than to come up with a new one.”

More from my notes:

“Innovation without methodology is luck.”

“There is no innovation without leadership.”

 “Innovation begins with discovering an untapped need.”

 She went on to share an interesting concept on Creativity, by stating there are 2 Phases and 1 Rule:

 Phase 1—Diverge, the search for ideas

Phase 2 – Converge, where each idea is weighed

Here’s the Rule – Keep the two phases separate! They use separate sides of the brain.

 “Creativity is not linear.”

She used the example of the brainstorming sessions that start out great while everyone is diverging, then someone starts converging before phase one is over and it kills the whole brainstorming session and everyone leaves feeling like they wasted their time.

Been there, done that. 

Speaking of taming wild ideas, the keynote speaker at our evening reception, Terry Stewart, CEO of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, shared the history of the museum and the work that they do. 

The Silver Quill awards ceremony followed Terry, highlighting some of the many outstanding communication campaigns in our Regions – you really have to be here to see the work — it’s always an inspiration.

We ended up rocking with a group of young people made famous on You Tube – Recent ?- I probably didn’t spell that right – I’ll have to edit my post!  Day 2, its Recess!

Day 1 of the 2009 IABC Heritage Region Conference was a good day in Cleveland!


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