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Good Writing Technique Makes Twitter a Useful Business Tool

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I received Ann Wylie of Wylie Communication’s newsletter this morning where she comments, “Twitter has been called ‘The Seinfeld of the Internet — a site about nothing.’ But it has also been compared to the Agora, or Greek marketplace, a place of open assembly and information sharing. Just make sure your tweets contribute to the marketplace of ideas instead of generating more words about nothing.”

I have attended Ann’s workshops through IABC, and she is perhaps one of the most prolific writers when it comes to coaching communicators to use  the correct writing style for every message format. For Twitter to be a truly useful business tool, she offers these tips:

“Make yourself a resource instead of a bore with tweets that are valuable and interesting. Here’s how:

• Don’t answer ‘What are you doing?’ That question has launched a gazillion tweets. Just ignore it. Instead of sharing what you’re eating for breakfast, recommend a great article.

• Ask questions. Start a conversation. Put the ‘social’ in social media.

• Focus on benefits to the reader. Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki), a member of Hubspot’s Twitter Elite,, makes himself a go-to guy with interesting, valuable tweets like these:

‘Forget the press release

‘Top Twriters: 25 writers to follow on Twitter.

‘Research on the cause of the gender earnings gap ‘ “

As B2B marketers look at how to incorporate Twitter and other emerging media tools, it is essential to take as much care when creating the 140 character post as one would when writing a subject line for a newsletter, advertising copy or press release. Make it worth the reader’s valuable time to be your follower.

My tip:  Use Tiny url if your link is too long

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Written by Beth Ryan

July 2, 2009 at 4:00 pm

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