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Are you Linked In?

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The social media site with the most potential for B2B industrial marketing is Linked In, where users can post their profiles, join groups, ask and respond to questions, and network when looking for new jobs and new opportunities.  While many of my colleagues tell me they have no time for social media, I have discovered three practical and time savings applications.

Linked In is a good spot to ask questions of industry experts, and get referrals to products and services 

 I just started working with the marketing module in Microsoft 4.0 Dynamics CRM, and was pretty disappointed in the lack of functionality.  Our partner was not available for training or to answer questions, so I searched Linked In where I discovered 2B Consulting, a Microsoft partner in the UK who developed an add-on, eCampaign, in order to compensate. 

Linked In is a natural networking community for finding business prospects

Fellow Edinboro University alumni, Brady McFadden of nearby Papa Advertising used Linked In to find alumni within his territory with marketing degrees, and contacted me to promote his agency.  I was very impressed with this method which surely beats cold calling either on the phone or in person.  While I cannot take advantage of the opportunity he has offered me at this time, you can be certain that when it is time for my company to get an agency, Brady will be on my short list.

Special Interest Groups can be created on Linked In where people can post news, engage in discussions, look for jobs

I have created two fledgling groups to promote and enhance two of our product conference/seminars – and it has been an uphill battle to get people to join and actually participate in discussions.  Working in an old economy business, there are precious few early adapters.

However, in the marketing profession, I belong to many groups with lively discussions that are very useful.  I am accredited through the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and our accredited communicator group has had a long and lively discussion about why we chose to challenge ourselves with accreditation.  As a member-at-large that rarely gets to meetings, it keeps me connected to my professional network.

Linked In is much more than a place to find a job; it is the ultimate business network.

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Written by Beth Ryan

June 9, 2009 at 1:27 am

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