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Google Speaks: Put Video at the Center of your Online Campaign

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On Wednesday, May 27, I attended our local Erie Ad Club program featuring Google Ad Words Marketing Manager, Maureen Schumacher entitled, “The Digital Landscape; Trends Shaping the Future of Marketing.”   She discussed 8 important trends:

  1. Last month there were 1.6 billion people online; there are 5 times more people with mobile phones than computers.  
  2. Search is a core (human) behavior; something that we do instinctually. 
  3. No medium is an island.  Marketers need to be cognizant of the relationship between online and offline media.  Use internet media to capture offline buzz.
  4. Put video at the center of your online campaign. One of the fastest growing categories on the internet is “How to”.
  5. Don’t think “if I will build it they will come.”  Even a highly technical, graphically desirable website can fail.  Suggestion:  atomize + distribute.  Use select content and develop a widget or video to distribute.  
  6. Ideas come from everywhere, tap into the ideas of the crowd.  Her suggestion was to tap into Google Labs new tool, Google Trends.  Many companies create campaigns to solicit user generated content; example: Heinz Top This! Campaign.
  7. Reach consumers at the moments of relevance; while the internet is 24/7, timing is a significant factor.
  8. Marketing should be accountable.

For the most part, most of these trends are just good marketing practice.  For B2B industrial marketing, the most interesting point is #4,  “Put video at the center of your online campaign. One of the fastest growing categories on the internet is ‘How to’.”

 Pre-internet, a company selling large industrial equipment would spend thousands of dollars to ship equipment to a trade show where it would be on display for product demonstration.  Alternately, one customer would visit another customer’s plant to see equipment in operation.  When video first hit the marketing scene, the going cost was $1,000 a finished minute for a professional video on a VCR tape – a cost only very large companies could afford.  The capital equipment market was flooded with home-made, poorly written and organized videos, duplicated and sent out in snail mail. 

 Today, with Flip video cameras and freelance studios, a company can produce high quality You Tube videos at a fraction of the cost.  B2C is full of video – why is B2B so slow to provide this type of content? 

 One important reason is that US manufacturers are reluctant to allow any photography in their plant – they do not wish to have their competitors see the inside of their plant.  The second issue is the loss of intellectual property to competitors; the very factors that differentiate products can easily be stolen through viral video.  A “How to” video can easily become problematic for B2B industrial equipment without careful selection of content, preservation of customer confidentiality and poor quality.    

Gary Anderson, writing for Marketing Professors says that video is not limited to your website or You Tube alone.  “The array of tools at a communicator’s fingertips can accomplish so much: interactive training sessions, video sales presentations, live meetings with prospects, ‘video voicemails’ recorded and sent with just a few clicks…” in addition to posting on a website.  He feels that all videos should be available as iPod ready.  He also suggests getting professional assistance when starting a project.

 In B2B, we need to analyze how video can fit into the marketing mix, not just because it’s cool, but because our customers expect it.


Written by Beth Ryan

May 28, 2009 at 7:48 pm

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